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Results-based monitoring often means a growing number of key performance indicators (KPIs) and data collection tools, and thus more and more data being generated. Reframe Monitor helps you to collect, analyse and report your data, and turn it into actionable insights – truly digitally.

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Reframe Monitor key actions

1. Monitor your indicators and measure your KPI achievement

Indicators and milestones help you monitor how far you are in achieving your intended impact as a project or organisation. Set up logical frameworks and indicators to track your real-time progress, based on your data.

Reframe Monitor

2. Collect data about your activities and operations

Reframe Monitor has your data processes at its core. Collect and analyse data fully aligned with your operations – regardless of whether you are managing data on activities, participants, grants, geographic areas or something else entirely. Data models are the basis for powerful data collection and analysis options with Reframe Monitor.

Reframe Monitor

3. Analyse and visualise data

To turn your data into information for steering your project or organisation, you need to be able to analyse it along your own metrics. You can set up analytical dashboards for each type of data you are managing – be it your activities, participants, grants or something else. Also, each logical framework and indicator has its own dashboard on which you can log status updates to document your achievements.

Reframe Monitor

4. Generate automated reports

As a data manager, you regularly need to draft reports based on your data and share them with partners. Reframe Monitor offers you a variety of options to prepare and share your reporting data.

Reframe Monitor

5. Adapt your monitoring plan via AI-based recommendations

Reframe Monitor offers AI-based recommendations for indicators and data collection fields based on your project description and sector. Browse through our catalogue to get inspiration from other projects or organisations.

Reframe Monitor

Product case studies

Energising Development (EnDev)
Energising Development (EnDev)
Energising Development (EnDev) is an international flagship programme for providing energy access. Approximately 675-million people worldwide live without electricity and about 2.3-billion people lack access to clean cooking solutions.
Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA)
Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA)
S4DA uses sport and physical activities as a tool to promote gender equality by empowering women and girls and by fostering positive masculinity in boys and men.
Equal Opportunities and Social Development (EOSD)
Equal opportunities and social development (EOSD)
EOSD focuses on improving the preconditions for the societal participation of young people in Egypt, especially women and people with disabilities.
eGovernment and innovation in public administration (InnoPA)
eGovernment and innovation in public administration (InnoPA)
InnoPA aims to democratize digital benefits for citizens in Egypt. It supports citizen-centric digital transformation through rule creation, process modification and trainings for civil servants.

Pricing overview

5 users
1 Log frame
Data frames
25 users
3 Log frames
Data frames
Let's talk
50 users
50 Log frames
Data frames
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Log frames
Track log frames
Create different types of indicators
Get AI-based indicator recommendations
Define disaggregations, milestones and responsibilities
Collect data for indicators
Analyse indicators via dashboards
Calculate indicator data automatically from various sources
Data frames
Create data frames
Basic question types
Advanced question types
Create data model
Data analytics and visualisations
Standard dashboards for log frames and indicators
Create dashboards with standard charts
Create dashboards with advanced charts
Share dashboards
Workflows and automations
Automatic indicator data processing
In-system notifications
Approval workflows
Email notifications
Multiple workspaces
Sharing data between workspaces
User management and permissions
Number of users
Simple permission scheme
Custom permission scheme
Permission profiles
Set-up and configuration
Onboarding call
Onboarding guide
AI-based indicator catalogue
Self-service set-up
Professional set-up by implementation partner
Knowledge base
Email support
Phone support
Dedicated sucess manager
Security and data protection
GDPR compliance
Automated data back-ups
Configurable password policies
Two-factor authentication
Imports and exports
Export standard progress report
Export custom progress report
Data export
Seamless integration with Reframe eCases
Seamless integration with Reframe Grants
Kobo Toolbox import to Data frames
Survey Solutions import to Data frames
Custom API connectors

Pricing discounts

We offer different licensing models, depending on your requirements and type of organisation or project. Contact us for discounts, if you are interested in purchasing more than one product.

We are proud to support the non-profit and public sectors with our innovative products. Contact us for further discounts, if you are a non-profit organisation.

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