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eGovernment and innovation in public administration (InnoPA)

In collaboration with the Egyptian Government and digital economy firms, the InnoPA project aims to democratize digital benefits for citizens. It supports citizen-centric digital transformation through rule creation, process modification, and training for civil servants. The project fosters innovation by digitizing administrative procedures and enhancing user-friendly online services. InnoPA's digital modules, including user databases and online payment features, contribute to a more accessible and inclusive digital society in Egypt.

eGovernment and innovation in public administration (InnoPA)

Reframe in action

InnoPA required a monitoring  system to manage innovations, policy recommendations, reform processes, ministry employees and trainings and to aggregate data across regions up to the governance cluster level.  Reframe is tailored to track the training of government employees in digital skills, innovation management methods and the development of prototypes to be upscaled on a national level. The system provides individual profile pages for participants, allowing for comprehensive tracking and documentation of the training progress. Additionally, the system integrates indicators of the cluster level from other projects to be collected, shared and aggregated. Reframe eases the tracking of indicators, simplifies real-time project management, and facilitates strategic decision-making.

Reframe highlights

Product(s)Reframe Monitor, Reframe eCases
Key data pointsTrainings, policy recommendations, reform processes and prototypes
Beneficiary groupsGovernment employees
Number of data sets> 1 000
Multi-workspace setup3 projects in governance cluster
Implementation partner Mainlevel Consulting
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