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In the governance sector, the combination of Reframe Monitor and Reframe eCases has proven to be very powerful for satisfying the information needs of all project stakeholders.


Information needs in governance projects

Projects in the governance sector typically require data about change processes related to civic participation or reform processes at national level. Depending on the information needs set by donor organisations, projects seek to set up monitoring systems to track KPIs on aggregated levels, but also so-called case management systems to keep an overview of individuals benefiting from governance measures, directly or indirectly.

Exemplary data points

Awareness-raising activities

Policy recommendations
(Digital) skills development

Reframe in governance projects

Equal Opportunities and Social Development (EOSD)
Equal opportunities and social development (EOSD)
EOSD focuses on improving the preconditions for the societal participation of young people in Egypt, especially women and people with disabilities.
eGovernment and innovation in public administration (InnoPA)
eGovernment and innovation in public administration (InnoPA)
InnoPA aims to democratize digital benefits for citizens in Egypt. It supports citizen-centric digital transformation through rule creation, process modification and trainings for civil servants.