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Equal opportunities and social development (EOSD)

EOSD focuses on improving the preconditions for the societal participation of young people, especially women and people with disabilities. In partnership with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, it tackles topics such as population growth, gender equality, and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Through capacity development and participatory approaches, it provides a meaningful contribution to the implementation of government strategies and the social development of Egypt.

Equal Opportunities and Social Development (EOSD)

Reframe in action

EOSD uses Reframe as a monitoring and case management system to manage capacity development measures, youth, and ministry trainings as well as outreach events. The system is designed to track the involvement of youth training participants and monitor the participation in capacity development measures conducted by partner organisations. The system provides individual profile pages for participants, allowing for comprehensive tracking and documentation. Moreover, the software integrates information related to the outreach events conducted across the country and the audience reached with different formats within the tool. These connections between trainers, youth participants, capacity development measures and events are complemented by extensive filtering options, enabling users to quickly access relevant information.

Reframe streamlines the tracking of indicators, supports project management in real time, and empowers sound decision-making.

Reframe highlights

Product(s)Reframe Monitor, Reframe eCases
Key data pointsYouth participants, trainings, events
Beneficiary groupsYouth
Number of data sets> 10 000
Multi-workspace setup3 projects in governance cluster
Implementation partner Mainlevel Consulting
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