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Ethio-German Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP)

The Ethio-German Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP) in Ethiopia, funded by the BMZ and the EU, is implemented by GIZ. It focuses on enhancing the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system and universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Ethiopia. STEP aims to improve the employability of TVET and UAS graduates, especially women, in various economic sectors. The project collaborates with the Ministry of Labour and Skills to align education with industry needs, fostering cooperation between the education and private sectors. Gender equality is a key aspect, influencing all interventions and maintaining a consistent dialogue with partners.

Ethio-German Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP)

Reframe in action

STEP required a case management system to manage companies, TVET colleges, employees, graduates, and trainings to aggregate data across various sectors and regions in Ethiopia. Reframe is specifically designed to track the progress of each TVET graduate and monitor the participation in capacity development measures conducted by partner organizations and TVET colleges and their staff, that should ultimately lead to employment in one of the partner companies.

The system provides individual profile pages for participants, allowing for comprehensive tracking and documentation. Moreover, the software integrates information related to the embedment of partner organizations and showcases the training and career development process of TVET students within the tool. These connections between companies, TVET schools and capacity development measures are complemented by extensive filtering options, enabling users to quickly access relevant information based on region or sector.

Reframe highlights

Product(s)Reframe eCases
Key data pointsCompanies, TVET colleges, staff, graduates, capacity development measures
Beneficiary groupsTVET students
Number of data sets> 50 000
Implementation partner GOPA Consulting
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