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Sports for Development in Africa (S4DA)

The Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA) Regional Project uses sport and physical activities as a tool to promote gender equality by empowering women and girls and by fostering positive masculinity in boys and men. The application of safeguarding principles ensures that activities take place in an environment that is free from harm and abuse creating safe spaces for all.

Sports for Development in Africa (S4DA)

Reframe in action

S4DA required an monitoring and case management system to manage multipliers, sporting infrastructure,  consulted partner organisations and to aggregate data across partner countries.

Reframe is used as an integrated monitoring and case management system, which is specifically designed to track the involvement of each multiplier and monitor the participation in capacity development measures conducted by partner organizations. The system provides individual profile pages for participants, allowing for comprehensive tracking and documentation. Moreover, the software integrates information related to the S4D embedment of partner organizations and showcases the construction process of sports grounds within the tool. These connections between multipliers, partner organizations, capacity development measures, and sports grounds are complemented by extensive filtering options, enabling users to quickly access relevant information based on country or project phase. Consequently, Reframe facilitates efficient indicator monitoring, real-time project management, and effective decision-making.

Reframe highlights

Product(s)Reframe Monitor + Reframe eCases
Key data pointsSports activities, Sports grounds, Capacity development measures
Beneficiary groupsMultipliers, Children and youth
Number of data sets< 10.000
Multi-workspace setup6 countries / projects
Implementation partnerMainlevel Consulting

Client voice

For Frankline Olukohe, S4DA Advisor in Zanzibar and Kenya, Reframe optimizes his daily work on the ground: “The Reframe system is an integral part of S4DA. It streamlines data processes and enhances visualization, providing real-time insights to guide our project implementation. It’s an easy-to-use tool that improves accuracy during data collection and analysis”.


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