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Initial set-up

Reframe products are accessible within a few days only. You can do the set-up and configuration using detailed, step-by-step documentation, or even be fully supported by a professional implementation manager.

Depending on your product and licence (starter, advanced, professional) the following steps need to be completed to set up and configure the software:

Selection of URL (e.g. of existing data
Configuration of navigation itemsDevelopment of custom reports
Configuration of results and indicatorsConfiguration of API connectors to other systems
Configuration of data model (database elements, attributes and connections)Customisation of look and feel (e.g. login page, colours, logos)
Configuration of workflows, validations and remindersCustomisation of workflows
Configuration of dashboards and charts
Configuration of permission scheme

Onboarding support

Starter licence
Advanced licence
Professional licence
Get started after a free onboarding call. You will get access to our onboarding guide and knowledge base, with detailed step-by-step documentation.The set-up will be supported professionally by one of our implementation partners. We are proud to have a strong network of partners with experience in different sectors, industries and regions across the world.With our professional licences, we can fully customise our products to your needs. The set-up will be done by Reframe experts in close collaboration with one of our implementation partners.

Get started