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Energy access & climate change

Energy access & climate change

Information needs in this sector

Projects in the energy access and climate change sectors typically require data about energy consumption, carbon emmisions and a variety of climate variables. Depending on the information needs set by donor organisations, projects seek to set up monitoring systems to track KPIs on aggregated levels, but also to track energy access and consumption on households level or measure climate changes via sensors in the atmospheric, terrestrial or atmospheric domain. 

Exemplary data points

Agricultural/plantation/forest/protected areas

Plantation activities
Biodiversity/species observations
Land use maps

Reframe projects in this sector

Energising Development (EnDev)
Energising Development (EnDev)
Energising Development (EnDev) is an international flagship programme for providing energy access. 675 million people worldwide live without electricity and about 2.3 billion people lack access to clean cooking solutions. This has a dramatic impact on social development, economic opportunities, health, education and the environment. Thus, EnDev’s involvement focuses on providing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy as a means to deliver social, economic, and environmental change.