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GIZ and UNHCR jointly implement the global programme, “Support to UNHCR in facilitating the operationalisation of the Global Compact on Refugees in the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus” (SUN), which was commissioned by BMZ in 2018. The programme seeks to support UNHCR in its role as facilitator of the operationalisation of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) in selected refugee contexts and sectors. The global programme is part of the German special initiative, “Tackling the Root Causes of Displacement, (Re-)integrating Refugees”.

Support to UN refugee response (CRRF)

Reframe in action

SUN required a monitoring system to manage outputs, record lessons learned, risk observations and partner organisations to aggregate data across 11 countries. Reframe is used as an integrated monitoring and project management system, which is tailored to track the implementation progress across different outputs in the project countries. Key features include country-specific data input for outcome and output indicators, risk observations, and the ability to upload studies and photos.

The system provides the opportunity for projects and country managers to share their lessons learned and approaches to potential risks with their colleagues, thereby facilitating knowledge sharing and quicker learning across the programme. These connections between projects, countries, and partner organisations are aggregated to a global level and visualised on interactive real-time dashboards on a global and country level to allow users to quickly access their data and gain meaningful insights into their project.

Reframe simplifies the monitoring of indicators, supports real-time project management and enables sound decision-making.

Reframe highlights

Product(s)Reframe Monitor
Key data pointsMigration data, lessons learned and trainings
Beneficiary groupsRefugees, internally displaced persons, members of host communities
Number of data sets> 10 000
Multi-workspace setup11 countries/projects
Implementation partner Mainlevel Consulting
Further readingGIZ website

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